Office Hours

A Success story

I had a bad day on Wednesday, class was clunky, my technology kept freezing, and I felt bad about myself.

So today when 4 different students showed up for office hours I was a bit nervous. It actually worked out much better than I had imagined. First, each student was very understanding about the challenges, which I totally appreciated.

Second, I found that I was able to manage the Zoom room, starting one breakout room so students could work on homework and jump back into the main room when they had questions.

I was able to share my screen on my tablet and get to work well and I even jumped to a PhET simulation at one point to talk through what they were trying to understand.

On the downside, I have wireless headphones which are great. But because they are wireless, you can leave and go to places like the bathroom with the headphones on. Note to self, remember the mute button.

Finally, I made what I think is a useful Zoom background.

These are small victories. But they are victories! Good to have a confidence boost going into next week.

Eric Brewe
Professor of Physics and Science Education

Physics Education Researcher