Workshop 1

If you missed it, here is video of Workshop #1

In order to prepare for workshop one - I have five things that I need you to do:

  1. Install R and RStudio on your computer.
    1. R can be downloaded from a link on this website
    2. RStudio can be downloaded here:
  2. Set up a series of folders (on your computer or Dropbox / don’t use Google Drive or OneDrive):
    1. The top level folder should be called “RForSNA”
    2. Inside the folder “RForSNA” there should be two folders called “data” and “plots”
  3. I will send you a survey on Survey Monkey. I need you to answer the survey
  4. Before the first workshop, I will email you a few csv files, please download each and save in the folder titled “data”
  5. Let me know by email if you have trouble with steps 1-4.

The slides for Workshop #1 can be found here: