Workshop 3

Workshop #3 continues to build on the results of WS1, but we are actually going to analyze the network that we built in workshop #1.

In workshop #3 we will be looking at characterizing the network as a whole, and thinking about how we can compare networks.

There were a couple of questions that arose out of workshop #2 (one about missing data and one about choosing a centrality metric). I promised a couple of papers, and here they are:

Missing Data - Žnidaršič, A., Ferligoj, A., & Doreian, P. (2012). Non-response in social networks: The impact of different non-response treatments on the stability of blockmodels. Social Networks, 34(4), 438-450. - Huisman, M. (2009). Imputation of missing network data: Some simple procedures. Journal of Social Structure, 10(1), 1-29.

Centrality metrics - Borgatti, S. P. (2005). Centrality and network flow. Social networks, 27(1), 55-71. - Koschützki, D., Lehmann, K. A., Tenfelde-Podehl, D., & Zlotowski, O. (2005). Advanced centrality concepts. In Network analysis (pp. 83-111). Springer, Berlin, Heidelberg.

This one sort of spans the two: - Borgatti, S. P., Carley, K. M., & Krackhardt, D. (2006). On the robustness of centrality measures under conditions of imperfect data. Social networks, 28(2), 124-136.

The slides for Workshop #3 can be found here: